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Music Library

Our Music Library is located in filing cabinets in the storage room on the 2nd floor of the Alpine Haus.  Our piano, piano stand and piano bench are also located in that room.  The button below takes you to an excel file that I inherited from Dave Marasus and have tried to keep up to date.

When we purchase music or it is donated to us I add it to the library.  I also enhanced the library by adding pieces from the Melody Makers library.  The Melody Makers library is located in the file cabinets in the Highland Haus.   From their library I added 2 part, 3 part and SATB pieces.   These are pieces that potentially we could sing alone or with them.

When we select a song from the library to perform, I make a web page for the song,  To view all the songs that have web pages select WebSongs in the menu above.