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The Canadian Lakes Men’s Chorus is a group of gentlemen from all over Mecosta county who enjoy singing. The enjoyment comes every week as we rehearse a diverse repertoire of songs and peaks when we get to perform those songs for a variety of audiences.


Anyone who likes to sing is welcome in the group.  We will help you fit into the best part for your voice. We will work with you as you learn the songs.  We learn patriotic numbers for Memorial Day and Veterans Day, a few religious tunes for the holidays, and mix these in with old favorites, some rock, some folk, and some wonderful barbershop.

The CL Men’s Chorus is about camaraderie, music and entertaining. Please contact us if you are interested in singing as an enjoyable sideline to your life.

Here is a link to an interesting article .....

Health Benefits of Communal Singing

Mike Burke

CL Men’s Chorus President (2022)

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